Our Commitment

AIUDF: Building Bridges, Not Walls

Together, we can ensure every voice is heard and every concern addressed in our quest for justice and equity

Our commitment to unity and harmony is unwavering. Let's celebrate our diversity and grow stronger together.



Our Vision, Mission and Commitment

AIUDF is committed to creating a future for Assam that reflects the aspirations and values of its people.

Committed To Equality And Justice For All Communities

Accountable Leadership

Ensuring leadership integrity through transparency and responsibility.


Cultural Preservation

Celebrating and safeguarding Assam's rich heritage for future generations.


Equality For All

Striving for an Assam where everyone has equal rights and opportunities.


Social Justice

Advocating for fair treatment and equal access to resources for all communities.


Join The AIUDF Movement

  • This is Your Movement

    This movement is the voice of every Indian and Assamese soul yearning for progress and Equality. This movement is for everyone who holds Assam dear to their heart. It's about your dreams, your struggles, and your hopes

    This is Your Movement
  • It's Time for Leaders Who Fight for Us

    Let's join hands to build an Assam full of hope, a place where we all stand together, and demand leaders who do more than just show up — they fight for us!

    It's Time for Leaders Who Fight for Us
  • No More Silence: Rise For a Better Assam

    Staying quiet means nothing changes.  It's time to change and supporting a dream of a Better Assam

    No More Silence: Rise For a Better Assam

    - Our Key Policies & Stands

    - Your Questions - Our Answers

    AIUDF aims to promote social justice, equality, and development for all communities in Assam, focusing on empowering the marginalized and ensuring a prosperous future for the state.

    Our commitment to inclusivity, social justice, and sustainable development, along with our grassroots approach to politics, sets us apart. We focus on listening to and addressing the needs of all Assamese communities.

    You can join us by volunteering, participating in our programs and events, or contributing to our cause. Visit our website or contact our local offices for more information on getting involved

    Yes, we prioritize women’s rights and empowerment through policies aimed at education, economic independence, and representation in leadership roles within our party and governance.

    We propose to tackle unemployment through comprehensive economic development strategies that include support for agriculture, entrepreneurship, skill development programs, and attracting investment to generate new job opportunities.